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Lok Sabha passed 23 perent bills with just 3 hours' debate

Posted on Feb 07 2014 | IANS

New Delhi, Feb 7 : As the 15th Lok Sabha is about to become as one that passed the least number of bills, figures compiled by a think tank show only 23 percent of the legislations have been passed after discussion of more than three hours.

According to an analysis by PRS Legislative Research, of the 118 bills passed so far, only 23 percent, or 27 bills, were passed after discussion of more than three hours.

Twenty-six bills (22 percent) were passed after two to three hours of discussion.

Twenty-four bills (20 percent) were passed after discussions ranged between one and two hours while 11 bills (nine percent) were passed after discussions lasted 30 minutes to an hour, and 10 bills (eight percent) engaged the attention of members for barely half an hour.

No less than 20 bills were passed in less than five minutes.

In the Rajya Sabha, of the 116 bills passed since 2009, the house of elders cleared four percent of the legislations (five bills) in less than five minutes, seven percent (eight bills) within 30 minutes and 14 percent (16 bills) after discussions that took up to an hour.

Forty-two bills, comprising 36 percent of legislations, were passed after two hours of discussion while debate on 26 bills lasted two to three hours before they were passed.

Only 19 (16 percent) bills took up more than three hours of their time.

The 15th Lok Sabha has a long list of 126 bills pending. Of these, 72 are pending in the lower house and will lapse when the new Lok Sabha is formed.

This Lok Sabha has passed 165 bills in its five-year term.

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