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Vistaar to invest 13 million pounds in Britain

Posted on Aug 27 2014 | IANS

Mumbai, Aug 27 : British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, who gave the mahurat shot of Onir's Hamlet adaptation "Veda" here, announced that Indian company Vistaar will invest 13 million pounds in his home country over the next one year, including a new post-production facility in Manchester.

The new facility will be used as a hub for the editing of Indian films shot in Britain, creating jobs and attracting further investment from Bollywood.

Vistaar's 13 million pound investment also includes approximately 3.9 million pounds for the British filming of "Veda" and 7.2 million pounds in the new production "Guru Dutt", which will be partly made in Britain.

"I wish Vistaar every success in their UK venture," Clegg, who launched the filming of "Veda" here Tuesday, said in a statement.

Vistaar's managing director Sheetal Talwar said that they feel that the "current government has provided an ecosystem that has made investing and filming in the UK highly efficient and investor friendly".

"We are working with entertainment specialist chartered accountants Nyman Libson Paul and Goldfinch to explore and invest in further projects in the UK.

"We feel that our British investments shall give us an opportunity to grow in the business and help us achieve market leadership in our sector of socially responsible cinema," added Talwar.

Vistaar has produced films like "Mausam", Rann" and "Rakht Charitra".

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