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This nail polish detects 'date rape' drugs

Posted on Aug 24 2014 | IANS

New York, Aug 24 : Students from an American University have invented a unique nail polish that can detect "date rape" drugs in a drink.

A woman wearing this nail polish - named Undercover Colours - just needs to stir the drink with her finger and if the nail polish changes colour, she will know that something is wrong.

Most of the "date rape" drugs like Rohypnol and Xanax are colourless, odourless and virtually undetectable when mixed in a drink.

"We wanted to focus on preventive solutions, especially those that could be integrated into products that women already use. And the idea of creating a nail polish that detects date rape drugs was born," said Ankesh Madan, one of the inventors, on Facebook.

The students are now developing the nail polish for sale in the open market and have already won seed funding for their venture, media reports said.

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