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Iran unveils missiles, drones

Posted on Aug 24 2014 | IANS

Tehran, Aug 24 : Iran Sunday unveiled two missiles and two drones at a ceremony attended by President Hassan Rouhani.

The Qadir (almighty) missile, with a range of 300 km, will be used for destroying marine targets, Xinhua reported.

It can either be launched from sea vessels or by other missile systems.

The Nasr-e-Basir (astute victory) cruise missile carries a searching head, and operates silently.

Iran also launched two drones named Karrar 4 (striker) and Mohajer 4 (immigrant).

Karrar 4 is an interceptor of flying objects and Mohajer 4 provides aerial maps for military and civilian purposes.

In June, Iran unveiled a long-range radar system to enhance its air defence. The radar system, also dubbed Qadir, had a range of about 1,100 km and it can monitor its surrounding radius round the clock and detect small three dimensional (3D) targets.

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