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Myanmar president calls for continued reform efforts

Posted on Aug 23 2014 | IANS

Yangon, Aug 23 : Myanmar President U Thein Sein has called for continued reform efforts, underlining that three years of the five-year term of the union government have already ended.

Addressing a meeting Friday, U Thein Sein said the government is determined to move forward without backtracking, Xinhua reported.

During the three years, much progress has been made to end the armed conflicts that have been going on for over 60 years, he said.

There is almost no fighting in the country and a ceasefire agreement is going to be signed in the days to come, he said while emphasising that a political dialogue is to be held after an agreement is signed.

He said the rule of law is to be maintained with continuous efforts, adding that crimes are to be reduced through different ways and means in addition to legal actions.

Regarding drugs eradication, he said it is one of the biggest challenges the country is facing and it is necessary to combat it by forming groups with public participation.

To boost employment, the people should be provided with land and water, U Thein Sein said.

Regions and states are required to attract and invite foreign investment that will not undermine the interests of the people and to encourage joint ventures with foreign firms and public-private partnership, U Thein Sein added.

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