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Arab 'trespasser' arrested in Lebanon

Posted on Aug 22 2014 | IANS

Beirut, Aug 22 : The Lebanese Army arrested an Arab citizen from Israel who had cut through the border's barbed wire fence to cross into the country.

According to military officials, the Lebanese authorities are questioning the "trespasser" and will announce later whether he will be released, Xinhua reported Friday.

The UN peace-keeping force in Lebanon has asked the authorities to release the "trespasser" following a request of the Israeli military command.

In May, an Israeli of Iranian origin trespassed into Lebanon through the border's barbed wire fence, "because of his difficult living conditions and to escape persecution".

The Lebanese military court released him after denying his asylum request and handed him to the International Red Cross mission that secured his return to Israel.

It's rare for an Israeli citizen to cross into Lebanon.

Lebanese shepherds are frequently stopped and questioned by the Israeli military at the borders.

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