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Rare silent films to be screened in Russia

Posted on Aug 19 2014 | IANS

Moscow, Aug 19 (IANS/ITAR -TASS) Silent films shot by Russian directors at the beginning of the 20th century that have not been screened since 1917 will be screened in St Petersburg from Tuesday.

The films are a part of a series of retrospectives timed for the 100th anniversary since the beginning of World War I.

The spectators will be offered three movies - 'Through Fire And Blood' by Mikhail Martov, 'The Backwater Russia Awakens To A Noble Cause' by Boris Svetlov and 'The Belgian Lily' by Vladislav Starevich.

These films have been restored and were loaned by State Cinematic Fund of Russia, that manages a huge cinema archive.

All the shows will be accompanied by live music.

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