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Rocket test-fire not aimed at Pope's visit: North Korea

Posted on Aug 16 2014 | IANS

Pyongyang, Aug 15 : North Korea said Friday that its latest rocket test-fire has nothing to do with Pope Francis' ongoing visit to South Korea and demanded Seoul should stop pointing fingers.

North Korea's test-fire of its newly developed tactical rocket is not a provocative demonstration of its armed strength against the papal visit, Xinhua quoted Kim In Yong, from the Rocket Research Institute of the Korean Second Natural Science Academy, as saying in a statement.

"We don't care about the purpose of the visit, or what they are going to talk about in their meetings," Kim said, adding that the test-fire "was conducted at the fixed date and time" for the purpose of self-defence.

The successful test has once again confirmed the accuracy and maneuverability of the North Korea's rockets.

He added that Seoul's accusation that the North Korea's firing contradicts its willingness to take part in the upcoming Incheon Asian Games is completely groundless and ridiculous.

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