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India plans to buy Russian reconnaissance aircraft

Posted on Aug 15 2014 | IANS

Moscow, Aug 15 : India plans to buy three airborne early warning and control (AEW and C) A-50 aircraft from Russia, a source in the Russian governmental military and industrial commission said Friday.

"India is mulling possible delivery of another three AEW and C aircrafts, talks are on now," the source said without specifying a timeline planned for a deal to strike.

AEW and C A-50 aircraft are used to detect and track air targets and surface vessels, warn automated systems of command posts and to control airplanes in sighting.

In 2003, India ordered for three such warplanes and the contract was fulfilled in 2010.

The delivery of AEW and C aircrafts is planned "in the same configuration" as under the agreement in 2003, he said.

Meanwhile, the source added that after the A-50 delivery a contract for their maintenance was signed with India. "Warplanes pass it successfully with assistance of Russian specialists".

A-50 built on the base of a military transport airplane Ilyushin Il-76MD was brought into service in 1989.

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