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Lack of tickets, options trouble Agra commuters

Posted on Aug 15 2014 | IANS

Agra, Aug 15 : As the country celebrated another Independence Day, the freedom of movement for ordinary Agra residents has been drastically curtailed.

More than 150 city buses are off the roads due to lack of tickets. The ticket printing machines are out of order and the fresh lot of tickets would take four to five days to reach.

Of the 220 ETMs (electronic ticket machines), 180 are out of order. The corporation's assistant regional manager said the problem will be sorted out in two days.

Then, the district authorities last year banned auto-rikshaws from the arterial MG Road, while battery-powered rickshaws were banned a month ago.

"So, how should ordinary folks commute within the city," asked angry resident Shravan Kumar Singh.

Interestingly, the state government has declared Agra a cycle-friendly city.

Plans are now being drawn up to develop cycle tracks on MG Road, around the Taj Mahal and on the Yamuna Kinara road.

"Most roads in Agra are so narrow you can not even walk safely on pavements which most often are encroached upon. How will cycle tracks would be spaced out, one wonders," asked senior citizen Sudeir Gupta of Vijay Nagar colony.

Divisional commissioner Pradeep Bhatnagar responded: "Cycle tracks will be very useful for cyclists, as they would be safe and hassle-free. IIT Delhi is helping us."

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