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When Harshvardhan Rane almost broke his back

Posted on Aug 14 2014 | IANS

Hyderabad, Aug 14 : Actor Harshvardhan Rane believes in method acting and when, for a scene in upcoming Telugu thriller "Avunu 2", he was supposed to slip on a wet floor and hurt his back, he almost did it for real!

"For a shot, I had to look like I've slipped on wet floor and hurt my back. My director wanted me to just act it out, but I insisted on doing it with water on the floor to make it look authentic. He was against the idea, but I did it and almost broke my back," Harshavardhan told IANS.

"Thankfully, I'm alright now but I realised the importance of method acting. I strongly believe in it now. It was through this accident that I understood more about method acting," he added.

"Avunu 2", which is a sequel to "Avunu", is currently being shot here. Actor-filmmaker Ravi Babu, who had helmed the prequel, is also directing the sequel.

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