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Wearable band that tracks your toddler

Posted on Aug 10 2014 | IANS

New York, Aug 10 : Worried about your toddler's activities all the time? Fear not as these wearable bands loaded with sensors will track your baby's every move in the house.

The device, called "Sproutling", sits on your child's ankle and senses information about the baby's well being.

The sensors in the device measure heart rate, temperature and location of the baby and also send information about the humidity, noise and light conditions of the room.

A USD 249 app uses this data to understand a child and send notifications to the parent in a visual way. It doesn't overwhelm parents with information.

The makers claim the device even tells you when the baby is in a fussy mood.

For those worried about radiation, the app uses "Bluetooth low energy" which the manufacturers claim is roughly 1,200 times weaker than mobile phone radio waves present in homes, media reports said.

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