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Water level rises in Chambal river

Posted on Aug 09 2014 | IANS

Agra, Aug 9 : The water level in the Chambal river has risen alarmingly after heavy rains in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, and heavy discharge by barrages in Kota in Rajasthan.

Villages in Bah, Bateshwar on the river bank in Agra district are under threat of flooding.

District authorities said vigil posts had been alerted and villagers warned not to venture in the river.

The Chambal wildlife sanctuary and the bird sanctuary are also under threat, particularly the hatcheries of crocodiles and alligators.

"If the water continues to rise like this, the two month old gharials (Indian alligators) and crocodiles could be swept away," said villagers.

In a dozen villages, water had already entered millet fields. Meanwhile, the administration in Pinahat in Bah area has ordered suspension of ferry service that transports people from Uttar Pradesh side to Madhya Pradesh bank.

The Chambal river's water level Friday evening was at 127 metre, still three short of touching the danger mark.

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