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Indian-origin mother in Britain barred from home visit

Posted on Aug 07 2014 | IANS

London, Aug 7 : An Indian-origin woman and her son in Britain have been barred from visiting India on holiday after her ex-husband's objection in a Family Court, contending that he might never see them again.

The court heard the father was engaged in a running battle with his ex-wife over contact with their little boy.

The woman, in her 30s, insisted that she had absolutely no intention of abducting her British-born son and keeping him in India, her birthplace, Leicester Mercury reported.

Judge Clifford Bellamy, however, favoured the boy's father and banned the mother's trip.

The father, also in his 30s, was born in Leicester city and the woman has lived there for nine years since their arranged marriage. She presently lives alone with her son.

The mother told Judge Bellamy she was desperate to take her son to India to meet his wider family and "explore his cultural roots".

The judge was told her son was doing well in an English school and that, for 18 months, she had been in a new relationship with a man who had a steady job in Britain.

Judge Bellamy, however, contended that India had not signed up to the Hague Convention - which enshrines the international ban on child abduction.

If the mother failed to return to Britain with his son, the father would face a formidable challenge fighting his case through the Indian courts, the court heard.

Despite her new relationship and British citizenship, the mother has no family ties in Britain and spoke only broken English, the court was told.

Banning her holiday plans, the judge said there was "a risk" that she might try to keep her son in India.

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