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Website for doctors to communicate better in Bengali

Posted on Aug 06 2014 | IANS

Kolkata, Aug 6 : A website will be launched Aug 16 to bridge language barriers in West Bengal that often impede doctors' efforts from simplifying medical terminology and explaining diagnosis to patients in their native language.

The site www.bangla.net.in will be a key tool for physicians from other states who are working in Bengal and require a basic knowledge of the language to efficiently serve patients.

"Most of the patients are not comfortable in expressing their problems in English and naturally prefer to communicate in their mother language.

"And medical workers from other states are often not conversant with Bengali, particularly colloquial Bengali. In addition, it is important to break down the jargon and communicate the issue in simple terms," Raja Dhar, research and education director, National Allergy Asthma Bronchitis Institute (NAABI), told IANS Tuesday.

The portal is an Asthma Awareness Trust initiative in association with NAABI.

The online platform will help busy health workers to learn words commonly used and how to use them to elucidate health problems to patients.

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