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29 till I die! The most popular age decoded

Posted on Aug 06 2014 | IANS

London, Aug 6 : Have you ever thought what would be the perfect age for you to be most popular among a vast pool of friends? Wait till you turn 29.

In age 29, you will have 80 friends because you will be in touch with your old school friends while forging strong bonds with colleagues at the workplace, says a fascinating research.

Social activities and clubs came third on the list of spots to pick up friends while social media came fourth.

The research, conducted by food firm Genius Gluten Free, also found that we have more in common with colleagues than we do from old school mates.

In a survey of 1,505 Britons, they found that the average person has 64 friends and that they are most likely to meet them at work rather than at college or university.

Those working in marketing have the most friends at work ahead of chefs, servicemen and women, artists and designers, and human resources managers, The Independent reported.

"At 29, you are just about self-aware enough to realise that a friendship is best nurtured," researchers added.

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