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Afghan soldier shoots dead four foreign soldiers

Posted on Aug 05 2014 | IANS

Kabul, Aug 5 : At least four foreign soldiers were reportedly killed when an Afghan soldier fired at them in a military centre in Kabul Tuesday, a source said.

"An Afghan soldier on guard duty at the National Defence University opened fire after an argument with foreigners, leaving several Afghan and foreign military officers dead and injured," a source told Xinhua.

"Around 12 noon, a terrorist wearing Afghan army uniform fired on personnel of the academy. As a result, several people were wounded," Afghan defence ministry spokesman Zahir Azimi said in his Twitter account without providing details.

Unofficial sources said that four NATO soldiers and three Afghan officers were killed in the incident which took place around midday in Qargha locality of western Kabul.

"An investigation was launched into the incident and details will be made public as appropriate," the source noted.

If it confirms that the attacker was a member of Afghan security forces, it would be the second incident of the so-called "green on blue" insider attack when members of Afghan security forces turned their weapons against their foreign partners this year.

On Feb 12, two NATO soldiers were shot dead and four others wounded by two Afghan army soldiers in eastern Kapisa province.

Several coalition service members died in such attacks over the past couple of years in the militancy-hit country. The Taliban insurgent group had in the past claimed responsibility for the majority of such incidents.

Nearly 50,000 NATO-led coalition troops, down from the peak of 130,000 in 2010, are stationed in Afghanistan, and the US plans to trim its forces to less than 10,000 next year.

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