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Woman climbs tower protesting rape, crows bring her down

Posted on Aug 05 2014 | IANS

Gurgaon, Aug 4 : High drama was witnessed Monday when a 26-year-old woman climbed atop a 200-feet mobile tower in Gurgaon, alleging she was gang-raped. But she was forced to climb down after more than four hours when a group of crows attacked her, police said.

A woman from West Bengal, living in a rented house in Tikri village, climbed atop a mobile-transmission tower and refused to come down despite several requests by police officers.

"She threatened to jump from the tower whenever any fire brigade personnel or policeman tried to climb the tower to bring her down," a senior police officer told IANS.

Police traced her mobile number and spoke to her. She was carrying her mobile phone with her when she climbed the tower.

"J.P. Walia, owner of a photo studio in the village, and his friends raped me. They have been harassing me. They pass lewd comments whenever I pass through the streets. I am slowly dying because of the harassment," she told police over phone.

Police officers promised strict action against the accused and requested her to come down but she continued to refuse.

The hydraulic platform of the fire brigade failed to reach the woman.

Meanwhile, a group of crows started attacking her as they had built their nests on the tower. The attack forced her to come down on her own after more than four hours of staying atop the tower.

Police recorded her statement after medical examination and a case of gang rape has been registered. "J.P. Walia and some unknown people have been booked under charges of rape," police said.

The victim is married but is living separately from her husband for the last six years. She worked as a domestic help and has been living in Tikri since September 2013.

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