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Now, send your dead pet to space!

Posted on Aug 04 2014 | IANS

New York, Aug 4 : When your pet takes a nap for the last time, you have the option to give that little dog or kitten a celestial treatment.

A US-based company has now launched packages to send cremated remains of pets into space.

Celestis, a private spaceflight company, which has been sending payloads on suborbital and orbital trips into space with the cremated remains of humans since mid-1990s has now expanded its service to include pets.

"Because your pet loved to explore," is the tagline of Celestis Pets, undoubtedly a unique pet memorial service provider.

"Honour your best friend with a journey to the stars on board the world's first pet memorial spaceflight service," it added.

To send a small portion of your pet's ashes (or a lock of hair) into space comes at a cost, however.

For USD 995 (about Rs.60,000), you can choose the "Earth Rise" package that will see your beloved pet's remains blasted on a suborbital trajectory, presumably in a sounding rocket.

If you want to take the orbital root, things start getting a little steeper - expect to write a check for USD 4,995 for the "Earth Orbit" package.

But if you want your pet's remains to become a real pioneer, sending him or her to the moon or beyond, you'll need to cough up USD 12,500, reported.

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