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Women face blatant lies during negotiations: Study

Posted on Aug 04 2014 | IANS

New York, Aug 4 : Are women perceived as less competent than their male counterparts and will, therefore, be lied to more often? Yes, they are, says a study.

According to a new study, women are at risk for opportunistic deception - from misleading information to flat-out lies - during negotiations.

During online surveys, researchers established that there is a stereotype that women are more likely to be misled.

"I think there is very clearly a cultural stereotype that women are more easily misled," professor Laura Kray from Haas School of Business, Berkeley, was quoted as saying in a Huffington Post report.

They then analyzed data from actual negotiation simulations in the MBA classroom.

They found that female negotiators were deceived much more often than male negotiators were.

"Women faced a significant amount of blatant lies when men in the same situation were told the truth," Kray noticed.

According to Glo Harris, an executive coach, "The projection on women is that it is easier to lie to us because the consequences won't be so great."

The study was published in the Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes journal.

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