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Blocked river water released in Nepal

Posted on Aug 03 2014 | IANS

Kathmandu, Aug 2 : The blockage in a tributary of the Kosi river in Nepal caused by a landslide that also killed eight people Saturday was cleared with a controlled blast at the blockage site, officials and residents said.

Water level of the Sun Kosi river - one of the major tributaries of the Kosi river in Nepal - increased rapidly following the blockage caused by the landslide that hit the Sindupalchowk district Saturday morning, Xinhua reported citing officials.

The Nepal Army conducted the controlled blast around 4 p.m.

"Water has started to flow from the northern side of the pool created by the blocked water in the Sunkoshi river," said Ram Nagarkoti, a villager.

Earlier Saturday morning, the landslide killed eight people when mud and rocks came crashing down and blocked the Sun Kosi river. A small village was buried and at least 150 people were reported missing.

Following the landslide around 2 a.m., the river formed a large lake in Sindhupalchowk district, about 60 km from Kathmandu.

The Nepal government has so far not been able to assess the loss of property and human lives.

India's Bihar state Saturday ordered evacuation of people from four districts after fears of a drastic rise in the water level of the Kosi river.

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