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Weight issues - when Hollywood movies went wrong

Posted on Aug 01 2014 | IANS

Los Angeles, Aug 1 : Depictions of weight gain or loss we see in Hollywood movies are rarely true to life, and yet we believe them.

Here's a list things movies get wrong when it comes to weight, reports

* Weight loss happens in the blink of an eye: "Rocky" training montage convinces you that dramatic body transformations happen instantanly. In reality, a safe and sustainable fitness or weight-loss plan is often slow-going. Many experts recommend losing one to two pounds a week.

* Actors, unlike the rest of us, face no consequences of gaining and losing extreme amounts of weight in very little time: Many know that rapid weight changes aren't healthy, just like we do, but they do it because it's their job. For the third "Bridget Jones" installment, Renee Zellweger famously opted against gaining the weight she had put on for the first two movies, in consideration of her health.

* Losing weight is the end of the story: It's true that it's not sexy to talk about excess skin. And its existence is ignored by Hollywood. But sagging skin is side effect of substantial weight loss. And yet aside from joke in the third "Austin Powers" installment, "Goldmember," post-weight loss excess skin hasn't been shown in a movie.

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