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Continue peace talks: Myanmar president

Posted on Aug 01 2014 | IANS

Yangon, Aug 1 : Myanmar President U Thein Sein Friday called for efforts to continue peace talks amidst the country's political reform.

"Despite different opinions, political groups entertain a shared attitude that the continuity of this political process will help the democratic system take root and thrive," Xinhua quoted U Thein Sein as saying.

Noting that his government has encountered difficulties and received complaints over the past three years, he said such hardship is not new during the period of transition to a new system from an old one.

However, he warned that effective action will be taken against undertakings that undermine the stability of the state.

He called for efforts to build peace and carry out development works in riot-hit western Rakhine state.

He also urged striving for exercising the country's three powers - judicial power, administrative and legislative powers - independently and democratically.

He also called for endeavours to create a better future for the new generation.

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