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Ed Sheeran can't keep a secret

Posted on Jul 29 2014 | IANS

Los Angeles, July 29 : Singer Ed Sheeran is not good at keeping secrets and this habit of his annoys his celebrity friends.

The 23-year-old is incredibly open about his life, and though he hasn't shared anything "malicious" about his pals, including Courteney Cox and Taylor Swift, they are said to be unhappy about his loose-lipped ways, reports

"It's getting hugely embarrassing. These are all big stars who are used to being surrounded by publicists and lawyers to make sure nothing leaks out without prior approval.

"But Ed keeps going rogue and spilling all kinds of secrets. He's not said anything malicious or done any real harm, but they worry he's a loose cannon and he'll put his foot in it," said a source.

Swift was said to have been unhappy with Sheeran after he openly discussed who he would like her to date, while Cox, who scolded him and asked him not to talk about her relationship with Snow Patrol rocker Johnny McDaid.

"Poor Ed felt terrible - like he was a scolded schoolboy. Now he's hoping he doesn't get a bad reputation for not being trustworthy. He is going to try and be more careful in interviews," said the source.

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