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A wristband, called the 'Pavlok', is a new wearable device that would give "shocking" reminders in order to motivate people to workout and stay healthy.

Maneesh Sethi, the creator of the device, said that the device would have features to incentivize working out including a small zap for when people miss a workout, the ABC News reported.

While Sethi claimed that the device would encourage people in a way normal fitness trackers can't, some workout professionals were apprehensive at the idea of having a painful incentive forcing people to work out.

The device would give a subtle vibration as a reminder to the user to head to the gym, but if the user still doesn't go, the alert turns into a loud beep. Finally if the user doesn't make it to their pre-programmed gym, running trial, etc., then they would get a nice sized shock which is optional, ranging from 30 to 340 volts.

It would not just help people with their workout regime but it would also allow them to keep them off the Internet, as they could have their Pavlock monitor their time online.

The product isn't on the market yet but it would be available to pre-order later in 20114.

(Posted on 27-07-2014)

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