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Afghan terror spillover of real concern: Army

Posted on Jul 26 2014 | IANS

Srinagar, July 26 : The army said Saturday the possibility of terror spillover from Afghanistan to J and K is a real concern as is the appearance of ISIS posters in Srinagar.

Speaking to the media in Drass town of Kargil district where the army is celebrating 'Vijay Divas' on the 15th anniversary of India's victory in the Kargil war, Lieutenant General D.S. Hooda, GOC Northern Command said, "We have to be prepared for contingencies. That is my job to look at what sort of contingencies can arrive.

"And how it can impact on the security situation in J and K. So, the threat is there. There could be a spillover. It is not as if nobody is talking about it. You are getting the statements by the HM (Hizbul Mujahideen) chief saying that he will take support from al-Qaeda and Taliban.

"We are hearing statements from Taliban side saying Kashmir is the next battle ground. Terms like Ghazve Hind are being used. It has not yet manifested itself, but these are things that you have to look at and be prepared".

On the situation on the border with China, he said, "The situation on the China border is absolutely peaceful and calm.

"There are no problems. There has been no incident of firing at the Line of Actual Control (LAC). There are some areas where there is a difference of perception on the alignment of the LAC. We think of some area and they think of some other.

"There is no demarcation on the land. And in such areas we do the patrolling and Chinese soldiers also do, but even in those areas, whenever there are any face-offs, everything is settled peacefully. I cannot comment on the political or the diplomatic level, but soldier-to-soldier contact is handled very peacefully".

On recent ceasefire violations by Pakistan, the GOC said, "Yesterday, there was one ceasefire violation in Poonch-Mendhar and also one in Akhnoor sector. We had a few ceasefire violations there and they are continuing.

"Although, let me state that they are not (of) the same intensity as was last year. Last year, the firing was much much heavier. But yes, there is a problem".

Talking about some ISIS flags appearing in Srinagar during street protests, he said, "Yes, all these things bother us. But we are looking at various contingencies and seeing how we need to deal with them in case they come up to us".

On improving relations with Pakistan, the GOC said, "See I cannot answer for India-Pakistan relations. These are being handled at a particular level. But definitely, on the border the incidents which are happening...Even the foreign secretary made that comment that the biggest CBM was ceasefire along the borders.

"And if the situation on the LoC and borders is calm, then it will definitely help and it will be good for the development of overall relations".

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