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Erotic thoughts key to female orgasm: Study

Posted on Jul 26 2014 | IANS

London, July 26 : Women who miss on orgasm should focus more on their their bodily sensations during intercourse and try to have more erotic thoughts during the act, a fascinating study reveals.

Researchers found that women who regularly have orgasm have more erotic thoughts than those who did not have orgasms regularly during sex.

For the study, they recruited 251 French women ages 18 to 67.

First group had 176 women who regularly had orgasms during sex while 75 women in the second group reported having difficulties reaching orgasm.

All the women in the study were sexually active and were asked questions about emotions, thoughts and behaviours during sex.

The findings revealed that lack of erotic thoughts during intercourse was the reason behind difficulty in reaching orgasm for women.

It also found that the women who had difficulties reaching orgasm were more likely to be distracted by thoughts during intercourse that were not related to sex.

"We did not expect that the cognitive aspect of orgasm in women would be as important as the results suggested," Pascal De Sutter, a professor at University of Louvain in Belgium, was quoted as saying in media reports.

According to Sutter, concerns about their looks and weight may also distract some women.

The study appeared in the journal Sexologies.

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