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Get bowled over by KFC's Fab Five

Posted on Jul 26 2014 | IANS

By Natalia Ningthoujam, New Delhi, July 26 : KFC, the Kentucky-based casual dining brand known for its "so good" range of chicken burgers and buckets, has been trying its best to entice vegetarians. And now, with the launch of rice bowls topped with their signature products like fiery grilled chicken and veg strips, they are set to attract more foodies who love to have carbohydrates.

Starting at Rs.59 (excluding taxes), the 'Fab Five' rice bowlz hit KFC's over 300 restaurants across the country a week back and have received positive feedback.

"We have launched 'Fab Five' Rice Bowlz. It's rice and gravy served with an array of signature KFC products. We do five of them - Veg Strips, Masala Corn, Popcorn Chicken, Hot Wings and Fiery Grilled Rice Bowlz," Praneet Singh, head chef, KFC India, told IANS.

"They are available across India. It was launched last week and we have got encouraging response. We have tried staple carbohydrate and given it a twist. It gives you a whole feeling that you are not consuming foreign food. It's familiar yet different," he added.

Since I was at the KFC's Epicuria, Nehru Place Metro Station outlet in the capital, I made sure to try them.

KFC Rice Bowlz

Served in black bowls, the portion is good enough for people who don't have a huge appetite. I started with Fiery Grilled Rice Bowlz. With a fiery grilled chicken sitting on top of rice, I couldn't stop myself from digging in. The hot grilled meat with mildly spiced gravy and steamed rice was a good way to begin my lunch. Accompanied by one of their sparkling mojitos - a fancier version of lemon soda, I was in a happy place.

I quickly followed it with Masala Corn Rice Bowlz. It was more like a salad made by combining veggies like corn, capsicum, onion and garlic, on a bed of rice.

Then I moved on to Popcorn Chicken Rice Bowlz. The rice and gravy tasted equally delicious with boneless fried chicken pieces.

Apart from familiarising me with their new launch, the chef also took me on a kitchen tour. And I was more than willing to do so as questions were raised on hygiene and quality of ingredients used in making the finger-licking food items.

Before entering their kitchen area, I was told to remove my watch and jewellery due to hygiene reasons. I thought that was the end of it, but I went on to wash my hands and use sanitizer as it is a daily ritual for those who enter the kitchen of KFC.

Chef Praneet

I know many vegetarians who would think twice before stepping into KFC as they believe chicken dominates the menu and also have doubts about the oil used or the utensils. Well, they would be happy to read that their religious sentiments are taken care of as the non-vegetarian and vegetarian sections are segregated. In fact, the staff also wear aprons in green and red to ensure there is no confusion.

I also saw some of the food items lying in a bin. When asked, I was told that they don't believe in serving stale food so they discard after 15 or 45 minutes depending on the food item.

If you still have questions, walk into their kitchen anytime and see how everything is managed. If satisfied, just dig in.

(Natalia Ningthoujam can be contacted at natalia.n@ians.in)

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