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MJ estate sues movie memorabilia store

Posted on Jul 26 2014 | IANS

Los Angeles, July 26 : Michael Jackson's estate is suing a movie memorabilia store for auctioning off historic photos from the pop star's early days.

The Estate claims Premiere Props, the store put the photos from the Jackson brothers' 1984 Victory Tour up for auction, and misled buyers into believing they would also own copyright on the pictures, as any buyer could make a fortune by reprinting and selling them, reports

According to court documents, Michael had hired a photographer to shoot the concerts and Jackson's company owned all the rights to the pictures.

According to the website of the movie memorabilia store the pictures are valued from USD 200 to over USD 2,000.

The MJ estate is now suing for all the auction profits and to stop Premiere from selling any more MJ memorabilia.

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