By Neelapu Shanti, New Delhi, July 25 ANI | 1 year ago

Delhi-based Sir Ganga Ram Hospital has been providing Medical training to Afghan doctors.

A group of 23 medical practitioners from Afghanistan are undergoing training here at Sir Ganga Ram hospital.

They are receiving specialized training in Pathology, General Surgery, Gastroenterology, Liver Transplant and chest.

The training has been organized by Medical Resource and Development council, Afghanistan and the Government of India (GoI).

The Ganga Ram Institute for the Post Graduate institute of medical Education Research mainly concentrates on medical research education.

"We find advanced medical facility in India which is not available in Afghanistan. We do not have enough equipments or facility to diagnose the patient in an effective way," said Chest Specialist, Dr. Abdul Ali.

Afghanistan is facing decades-old war where medical services are badly shattered leaving behind the people in distress.

The Afghan doctors are receiving advanced training in various spheres to treat patients back home.

"It is complete disaster and I am not happy with the current situation in health care in Afghanistan. Despite lot of money donated by European, U.S.A all over the world including India and the funds are not utilized properly. Right now, our hospitals are not taking care of the patients properly," said Gastro Specialist, Dr. Noor Gul Omri.

The current health care facility is very poor and the doctors hope to acquire enhanced knowledge and skills to treat the patients effectively.

"In advanced medical facility, we are getting trained in Laparoscopic surgery. I am a Gastroenterology surgeon. I get exposure to variety of cases in the hospital which is not operated in every center in India," added Dr. Noor Gul Omri.

Dr. Nazibullah is a surgeon from Nangarhar province of Afghanistan.

"I came here for advanced medical instrumental care like Laparoscopic surgery and Robotic surgery. Currently, there is no such facility available in Afghanistan, but in India for Laparoscopic surgery government of India has provided lot of facility. For this reason we came here for the training," said General Surgeon, Dr. Nazibullah.

The doctors are excited to get advanced training in medical.

"As we know our country is a war-torn country since last two-three decades. The health facility is very weak there and hospitals have also been destroyed in war and since last decade it get improved and developed. It is not developed as such in India," added Dr. Nazibullah.

The Afghan doctors have high hope to rebuild their nation by serving their country people.

"The main purpose of coming to India and get training is to familiarize with the latest technology, advanced technology. I am doing my training in Gastro department. In Afghanistan there is only Endoscopy and Colonoscopy," said Dr. Balrauf, who practices in Gastro and Pathology.

The dean of Sir Ganga Ram Institute for the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education Research hope the training to Afghan doctors will help improve the healthcare sector in war-torn Afghanistan.

"I have always been impressed by the fact that people say that if you are a good teacher then the people you have taught will become better than you eventually and that's how we hope that Afghan medical care will be the better medical care than India with this continuous interaction," said Dr. Samiran Nandi, Dean, Ganga Ram Institute for the Post Graduate of medical Education.

The Doctors in Ganga Ram Hospital works and train the Afghan doctors as a team and they have a common goal of providing better medical facility to the patients.

India plays a major role in providing professional training to engineers, civil servants, doctors and many other professionals to rebuild Afghanistan.

It is a great way of fostering Indo-afghan relations by providing advanced medical training to developing country like Afghanistan.

(Posted on 25-07-2014)

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