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Modi takes a dig at Mamata government

Posted on Feb 05 2014 | IBNS

Kolkata, Feb 5 : Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)'s prime ministerial candidate and Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday took a dig athis West Bengal counterpart Mamata Banerjee over her much-hyped slogan for 'parivartan' (change) and asked people of the state if they have really got a change in terms of better governance.

Addressing the 'Jana Chetana Sabha' in Kolkata, Modi said: "You bid farewell to those who ruined West Bengal for 35 years. That was a very good start. But I also want to ask has the parivartan come? Can you feel the change?"

"Today I want to talk to the people of West Bengal directly ... nothing should come between us. Assembly elections are not here but can you do one thing. After all Bengal shows the way to the nation.

"I want you to do one thing - please make BJP win all Lok Sabha seats from West Bengal," said Modi. "People of West Bengal are revolutionary. You took a big decision in the state elections, now take a brave decision in 2014."

"Vote for us and then ask us what we did. And let us compete. What they did and what we will do in Delhi and for West Bengal," he said.

The BJP strongman further said: "If you give us all the seats then I would really love to come here more often and serve you even more."

Dismissing the possibility of formation of a Third Front, Modi said: "Those sitting in Delhi and talking about the Third Front should come here and see what way the wind is blowing. The people of India have made their decision."

"2014 Lok Sabha Elections are here. These elections are going to be very different, calculations of political pundits will go wrong. Political pundits measure things but if they cannot gauge the mood of the people then their calculations will not be correct," said Modi.

"Sadly these parties are not bothered about what the common man and woman want," he said.

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