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40 percent Goa college, school boys watch rape porn

Posted on Jul 24 2014 | IANS

Panaji, July 24 : Forty percent of college and higher secondary school boys in Goa watch rape porn and statistically end up watching 86,000 rape videos per day, according to a survey.

The survey was conducted by Rescue, a Karnataka-based organisation promoting cyber-ethics.

Abhishek Clifford, CEO of Rescue, said Thursday 47 percent degree and under-graduate students watch child porn in the state.

Clifford said: "Eighty percent college and higher secondary school boys watch porn and 40 percent of them watch rape porn regularly. On an average they watch 28 rape porn videos a week."

The survey, he said, was conducted across 10 colleges in the state. The survey also tries to draw a link between watching rape porn videos and the crime of rape in real life.

"Seventysix percent students said that watching rapes leads to the desire to actually rape someone... Rape is increasing in India, this is a primary reason," Clifford said.

"We are in reality raising an army of rapists, thanks to non-regulation of pornography," he claimed, calling for regulation of internet for children.

The upgradation from 'regular' porn to more violent forms of porn, even child porn, he claimed, was a natural progression for the viewer.

"The level of violence in rape is increasing due to saturation of violent internet porn. Students are re-programming their own sexual tastes," he said, comparing conventional porn viewing with marijuana, which he claims was a stepping stone to consumption of hard drugs like cocaine.

"Fifty percent of students who are watching porn, end up watching violent porn. 100 percent of the students, who watch rape, were already watching lower levels of porn," the survey said.

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