New Delhi, Jul 6 UNI | 26 days ago

Union Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Venkaiah Naidu today said a final decision on giving the Leader of the Opposition post to the Congress would be taken by Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan and urged everyone to abide by the decision of the presiding officer.

''Let us see how the Speaker decides. There are some conventions, rules and regulations, precedents and directions of the Speaker. They are all there before us. Everybody has to go by that. Speaker's decision should be adhered to,''Mr Naidu said while addressing an event held at BJP office here on the occasion of Jan Sangh founder Syama Prasad Mookerjee birth anniversary.

Mr Naidu's comments came even as the Congress leaders indicated that the party could go to court if the LoP post was not granted to the party.

Reacting to the contention by the Congress that the LoP position is their right and that they could go to court on the issue, Mr Naidu said,''they have got every right to go to court. You can go to court for not getting Prime Minister's post also. Anybody can go to court in this country for any thing. Many people go to courts. They have got every right to go. Constitution permits it. Let them go.But people's court has decided. People have given a mandate. We are in democracy. These things cannot be decided by judiciary. They have to be decided by people.''

In this context, he pointed out that there was no Opposition Leader during Nehruji's regime.

''There was no Opposition Leader during Indira Gandhi's era. Opposition Leader was not there in Rajiv Gandhi's rule. But Opposition Leader status should be given during BJP's rule. They (Congress leaders) say how it cannot be given and that Constitution does not agree. They say situation was different then and now,''he said.

On the threat by the Congress that it would not allow Parliament to run if the position is not given to their party, Mr Naidu said,''alright. Let's see. We know how to run (the House) if it is not able to run. There is no need for a public debate on this. They are not able to accept the defeat. They are not able to take the defeat even after such a terrible defeat. We leave it to their wisdom.

People have decided whatever they had to decide. We hope that Congress and all of us together run the Parliament and do good for people and make efforts for country's development.'' Asserting that the government is ready for debate on any issue, the Parliamentary Affairs Minister appealed to the opposition parties not to disrupt proceedings of the House.

''There is nothing to hide. I said, debate, discuss, decide. Do not disrupt. That's my request to the opposition parties. I hope they will understand that'' he said.

(Posted on 06-07-2014)