Bangalore, Jul 4 UNI | 19 days ago

Scientists from Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore have developed a new non-invasive technique to identify dangerous and hazardous chemicals hidden inside any container including explosives.

This new technique, in addition, can also be used to as
diagnostic tool for detection of tumors.
Prof Siva Umapathy from Inorganic and Physical Chemistry Department, IISc and his student Sanchita Sil, High Energy Materials Research Laboratory, Pune, said this new method can also be used for obtaining signals from samples which are concealed or packed inside containers such as commercial pastic bottles, thick papers, envelopes, coloured glass bottles etc.,

The novel technique is based on Raman spectroscopy--Universal Multile Angle Raman Sectroscopy (UMARS) and relies on illuminating the sample with the light source, which provides scattered light, offering molecular specific signatures to identify the chemical susstance, according to a research paper published in Nature Scientific Reports Journal dated June 16-2014.

(Posted on 04-07-2014)