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Memorise gym etiquettes before you enter

Posted on Jan 14 2014 | IANS

New York, Jan 14 : Entering the gym doesn't mean you leave behind your etiquettes. Being a bully at gym is not cool and not keeping your workout tools in place is definitely a big no.

Here's a list of gym manners that you must follow, reports

* Clean up your toys: If you take a group class, put your gear back where it came from -- mats, dumbbells, balls, bands. Don't wait for someone else to do it.

* Don't be a gym bully: It's not cool to stand uncomfortably close to someone if they are using your favourite machine or occupying your favourite spot in a room. The gym or fitness studio is supposed make everyone feel better about themselves, not just you.

* Prevent wardrobe malfunctions: Get some proper attire. Jeans or flip flops are a big no. Women, who dare to wear something short in a gym, should check themselves from behind first to make sure things are staying put especially if they are going to jump or run.

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