Kolkata, Jun 23 UNI | 1 month ago

Royal Calcutta Golf Club (RCGC), India's first golf course in the city, was today served a notice by the civic authorities of defaulting of property tax nearly Rs 8.5 crore.

Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) Mayor Sovan Chattapadhya told reporters that they served the notice to the RCGC at 18 Golf Club Road for default of Property tax up to Rs 8.5 crore for a period of of 14 years.

The RCGC has to answer by a fortnight time or else the KMC would opt for legal action, the Mayor said.

He said time and again the KMC had been requesting the RCGC in Tollygung to clear the arrears but the club did not respond and hence they were forced to issue notice under the Property tax default laws.

Chattopadhya said the KMC had even offered up to 99 per cent tax waiver under sporting activity in 2012 but the RCGC remained unmoved.

He said the KMC under various tax waiver regulations offered various sport bodies tax waiver at end of 2012. While many opted but the RCGC, which has 306 bighas, area did not respond.

The Mayor said they can waive tax of the current period but it has no power to waive the arrears. He said the the civic body has many development programes and its main revenue came from the Property Tax of the city.

RCGC, India, was established in 1829 and is the oldest golf club in India and the first outside Great Britain. RCGC has an 18-hole golf course.

King George V and Queen Mary conferred the title 'Royal' to the Club to commemorate their visit to Calcutta in 1911. Apart from golf, it offers tennis courts and a fine swimming pool. The Club also maintains a Lawn Bowls Pavilion in the Kolkata Maidan.

Currently the club is undergoing a series of makeovers to bring it up to contemporary world standards and to make the course one of the best and most sought after in Asia.

(Posted on 23-06-2014)