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Mainland China celebrates Chinese New Year

Posted on Feb 01 2014 | IBNS

By Shubhrima Dutta, Kolkata, Feb 1 : Popular Bengali film and television actor, Abir Chatterjee on Friday celebrated the Chinese New Year of Horse, at the Mainland China here.

The evening was preceded by a colourful Dragon Dance that is known to usher in good fortune.

"In my college days I used to visit Chinese restaurant in the Chinese New Year. My favourite Chinese food is Chilli Chicken and Fried Rice. I am delighted to be associated with Mainland China in the Chinese New Year," said Abir.

The first day of the year 2014 Chinese New Year involves a litany of symbolic foods.

Noodles are eaten for long life, clams because they look like coins are eaten for wealth, and fish symbolises prosperity.

Horse is a symbol of travelling as well as a sign of speedy success because it can give an individual a ride to success.

For the Chinese New Year, Mainland China has displayed interesting symbols and motifs at its outlets which spring from millennia of wisdom, legend and mythology.

Mainland China is offering dishes like Shanghai lamb with onions and leeks, braised vegetables with cinnamon, mandarin chilli prawns; the flavours that are rooted in Chinese tradition.

"The Chinese people create their year with the name of different animals. This year is the year of Wood Horse. This symbolises a year full of energy and life. Today's menu comprises of food from all parts of China. The whole menu will attract our customers because this menu
is all new," said the Chef Indraneel Bhattacharya.

During this festival, food for two is priced at Rs 1250 plus taxes in all the outlets.

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