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Bengal Chamber launches new portal

Posted on Jan 31 2014 | IBNS

Kolkata, Jan 30 : The Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Thursday launched a new portal as a movement on energizing a behavioural response to save energy.

The Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry has embarked on a movement at the national level committed to energizing a behavioural response to save energy.

The increasing demand for power has led to considerable fossil fuel burning thus not only depleting the fossil fuel reserves, but also greatly and adversely impacting the environment.

'Further, such saving through efficient use of energy can be achieved at less than one-fifth the cost of fresh capacity creation. Energy efficiency would, therefore, significantly supplement our efforts to meet power requirement, apart from reducing fossil fuel consumption. Thus, energy management has shifted parameters from the 'can do' alternative to the 'must do'. Therefore, in order to incentivize energy conservation and make the consumer aware of the great benefits of energy saving (both in the context of monetary and lifestyle changes) through an interactive and multimedia mode, an e-portal dedicated to propagating the virtues and benefits of energy conservation is being created by the Bengal Chamber," the Chamber said in a statement.

"An enabling forum for promoting an overarching consciousness towards the need for energy conservation, the portal will stand on the superstructure created by the three pillars of engagement, information and assistance, which will be the three broad areas of delivery. From information on energy efficient products to videos, articles and blogs by experts, games and an online energy meter, the focus would be on utilizing the portal as a forum for engaging with the consumer and simultaneously as a knowledge platform for energy conservation aimed towards catering to the general citizen - from the teenager to the student, the young professional and even not counting out the senior citizen,' it said.

The programme witnessed the launch of the portal and include a panel discussion on "Empowering the India that needs power" which brought to board the voluntary role that society needs to play (by conserving energy) to bring light to the lives of the countless hundreds of millions who do not even have access to a single electric light in their homes.

The panel discussion featured Ajay Mathur, Director General, Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Bikash Sinha, Padma Bhushan and nuclear physicist, Sunil Mitra, Former Revenue and Finance Secretary, Government of India and Bengali actor and writer Barun Chanda.

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