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Laddoos, tea, firecrackers in Kolkata mark Modi's swearing-in

Posted on May 26 2014 | IANS

Kolkata, May 26 : Firecrackers, laddoos and cups of hot steaming tea did the rounds across the eastern metropolis as Narendra Modi took oath as India's 14th prime minister Monday.

Laddoos in a variety of flavours flew off the shelves as Modi was sworn in.

BJP workers and supporters distributed tens of thousands of the popular sweetmeat across the city, as pyrotechnics rent the air in many areas, particularly the state BJP office in central Kolkata, which was wrapped in green and orange lights.

Bhikharam's and Tewari's confectioners were packed with customers demanding more of the sweet. Party workers had placed bulk orders for the day.

Another popular addition was lotus petals, which were sprinkled generously during the celebrations. Chants of 'NaMo' and 'Har Har Modi' could be heard in many areas.

Modi's campaign had banked heavily on the "Chai Pe Charcha" programme to connect with the masses.

And Monday evening was no exception, as Modi's followers exchanged congratulatory messages over cups of tea.

Popular snack joints like Sharma's tea stall in Ballygunge and Salt Lake remained crowded with people clamouring for the cream-laced masala chai as cheers went on.

The colour saffron dominated the celebrations, with state BJP leaders like Tathagata Roy sporting the colour as part of their attire.

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