Chandigarh, May 24 UNI | 2 months ago

Congress leader of opposition in state Assembly Sunil Jakhar today slammed SAD-BJP led state government over the issue of Property tax and also blamed the Deputy Chief Minister for his dual words on the property during the elections and after the elections.

In a statement here, Mr Jakhar said the Deputy Chief Minister had double standard over the issue of property tax as he had assured the people of the state to reconsider the decision of Property Tax before the election but after the election results his own government and department of local bodies set deadline June 30 to submit their property tax without interest, which was a serious issue for the people of the state but this Akali government play foul with sentiments of people at the time of elections. Now they again suppressed the people of state under the unjustifiable tax on the urban population.

The Congress leader also raised the issue of poor water supply and sanitation in all the important cities of the state. He said due to the apathetic attitude of the state government people are bound to drink impure water and they have been facing problem of sanitation or poor drainage system in the various cites of the state.

He also mentioned the inauguration of the Sewerage Project of Abohar district, which was laid down by the Deputy Chief Minister on February 27, 2014 under the Punjab Water Supply and sewerage Board. But not even tender process has been initiated by the department concerned. So all these kind of other inauguration and claims of the state government were only to get cheap publicity without actual work on the ground, he said.

He said the Punjab government should immediately withdraw the decision of property tax and also suggested to take the issue of water and sanitation on priority basis, otherwise the Congress will raise the issue in the coming budget session.

He also appealed to all other leaders of Congress to gather and raise their voices against any kind of injustice with people of their area.

(Posted on 24-05-2014)