Pune, May 24 UNI | 2 months ago

India has a vast potential for tourism at the coastal boundaries of the country, expressed Kshitij Kakkar, the Chief Officer (CO) of Zodiac Shipping, London, here today.

In an exclusive interview with UNI, Mr Kakkar who was in Pune for vacations, said as most of our country's western, southern and eastern parts face the sea, this holds a huge potential for tourism and logistics.

'The government should also concentrate on shipping business, which has a big potential. But only Gujarat had shown their development work in this field. All the ports in Gujarat are designed as per the international specifications, which should also be implemented by other Ports,' he added.

He also praised the Gujarat government for taking up an initiative like the Sikka Port, and suggested that the Director General (DG) of Shipping should ask the new government for Shipping Developments Projects to be started by the earliest.

Kakkar also expressed his wishes for changing the attitude of the citizens living on the coastal area.

'It can also result in development for coastal tourism, which has a vast potential. The government has to start development work,which can attract the international tourists visiting India,' he observed.

Kakkar was confident that improved facilities, would help draw in more foreign tourists - which can generate a large foreign exchange for the country's budget - besides domestic passengers - which can save our foreign exchange.

(Posted on 24-05-2014)