Kolkata, May 20 UNI | 2 months ago

Admitting that the Left parties had been 'politically sidelined' in the country, CPI(M) Polit Bureau member Biman Basu Basu has said the party is still in a 'state of disbelief' at the worst electoral performance since 1952.

"Till now we have not analysed our defeat. But it is without any doubt the worst performance of the Left since 1952. We will deal with it at our party's central committee meeting next month," he told a national news channel.

'The result is so unexpected that we are still in a state of disbelief. We have to analyse why such a huge percentage of votes went from the Left to the BJP in Bengal,' he said.

'We are politically sidelined in the country for the time being, but we will try and make our presence felt on the floor of the House on people's issues with whatever strength we have,' Mr Basu said.

The CPI(M) leader also admitted that because of the overwhelming mandate that the BJP and Trinamool Congress received that it would be a challenging task for the Left Front to bounce back.

'Our task of bouncing back has become very challenging since the Trinamool and the BJP have won such an overwhelming mandate at the state and the national level respectively,' he said.

Replying a question on the Left parties' allegation of widespread rigging and malpractices by Trinamool Congress men, Mr Basu said, 'the special observer of the Election Commission has himself admitted that he failed to understand the reality of Bengal and that's why the polls weren't free and fair. I have nothing to add to that.'

(Posted on 20-05-2014)