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Teacher's launches new global campaign

Posted on Jan 28 2014 | IBNS

New Delhi, Jan 28 : Teacher's, the flagship brand of American manufacturer of spirits, Beam Inc, is all set to turn heads with a new international campaign for its brand extension.

The television commercial premiered on Saturday in select channels and will expand across national television this week.

Beam brought on board the renowned director duo - Anthony Atanasio and Valerie Martinez for this film.

The commercial has been shot in Thailand under the creative vision of Publicis India.

The central theme of the TVC is inspired by the famous poetry 'IF' written by the legendary author and poet Rudyard Kipling.

Beam spokesperson said, "With this new campaign, we intend to endorse the popularity of Teacher's as a quality brand and a preferred choice for a man who is a self starter, conversant and a well-informed achiever."

The spokesperson added, "The new Teacher's Creative is a story of people from different walks of life, highlighting the golden glow of the light which allows them to convert moments of adversity into occasions of triumph."

"With this new campaign, we want to affirm the popularity of Teacher's amongst our consumers and reach out to achievers who want to experience brands that reflect their current stage in life; people who believe in genuine quality and are non-pretentious. Teacher's golden glow remains distinctly lit and reflects who we are today and the brand we aim to be tomorrow," the spokesperson said.

The idea of the TVC emanates from the core value of the brand Teacher's which is 'when you have self-belief, it shows'.

"We wanted to narrate a story about different sets of self Achievers who held their heads high in all situations and whose integrity and characters shine irrespective of the stage of life they are in. Just as we had anticipated, Anthony and Valerie, successfully managed to convey the character and core value of the Teacher's brand that stands for genuine quality and self-belief," said Ullas Chopra, Creative Director, Publicis.

The TV commercial starts with a ship captain who is neck deep in the water with a ship wreck in the background.

A man is lit from a source of golden light within the water and says, "If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you." It also features the famous Indian actress and model Kittu Gidwani along with other international talent.

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