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'Invisible' wireless networks brought to life

Posted on May 19 2014 | IANS

London, May 19 : Ever wondered how does the digital network that surrounds us all the time appear and how does it react to human movements?

You may now see the "ghosts" of invisible digital networks as a researcher at Newcastle University in Britain have created images that show the 'spectres' of wireless networks sweeping, swirling and swooping around a ghostly figure.

"I call the images 'spectres' because wireless networks remind me of ghosts," he said.

Luis created the photographs by 'Kirlian' Device, an instrument specially designed by him to reveal the qualities of wireless networks.

The instrument scans continuously for wireless networks, and transforms the signal strength to colour LEDs.

Then, using the device in different places, his movements were captured using long exposure photography.

The results are multi-coloured streaks of light which twirl and wrap in spaces, showing how we are surrounded without even realising we are.

"It is an impossibly fragile and volatile infrastructure that holds our digital technologies together, and shapes the way in which we interact with the digital world," Luis added.

"Something as seemingly inconsequential as walking around the house will interfere with and reshape their propagation and strength field. Close the wrong door, and the bedroom becomes a dead spot for wireless," he explained.

Luis has also created a 'Kirlian Device' app which can be downloaded for free for Android devices here.

The images were produced as part of Luis Hernan's Digital Ethereal project, which aims to bring the invisible world around us to life.

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