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Godrej and Boyce to ship Nitric Acid absorbers to Australia

Posted on May 14 2014 | IBNS

New Delhi, May 13 : Continuing the tradition of its illustrious and century old manufacturing prowess, Process Equipment Division of Godrej and Boyce from the Godrej Group is set to ship Nitric Acid absorbers out of Godrej Works and will be transport it to Yara Pilbara Nitrate production facility in Australia, from the Mumbai port.

This prestigious order was received by The Godrej Group from the one of the largest Engineering Procurement and Construction contractor in Spain- Tecnicas Reunidas.

Speaking on this achievement, Allen B. Antao, Executive Vice President and Head, Godrej Process Equipment said, ‚EuroúThis equipment showcases Godrej engineering capabilities and the increasing reliance of global customers on Indian companies such as ours for their requirements of high technology products, worldwide. India shines not only in the Services sector but its manufacturing sector too is extremely competent and vibrant, based on the strong skill sets that Indian engineers bring to the table.‚EuroĚ

This 51m Tall column weighs around 375 Metric Tonnes made out of Stainelss Steel, having diameter of 4.7/7 m. To put it in another way it is the size of a 16 floor building and has the weight of about 90 elephants. There are 38 nos of internal trays in the equipment consisting of more than 50 Lacs holes with stringent tolerances to meet process requirement.

These trays are provided with internal coils of around 15 kms in length to remove the heat during operation. These coils are welded to the specially designed header tube sheet with Robotics. There are 152 inlet /outlet connections ranging from 3 to 6 inches with specially designed headers inside the equipment connected to the coils.

All these 152 nozzles are interconnected with external piping network integrated with the column. This equipment is designed to the stringent Australian regulatory requirements. The size of the equipment along with its Stainless Steel metallurgy makes it an extremely challenging job.

Nitric Acid Absorber is a critical equipment in any Nitric Acid Plant. After the oxidation of Ammonia it is in this column that Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) is absorbed in water to produce Nitric Acid (HNO3). Since heat is generated during the course of this process, the equipment has a series of coils to keep the Nitrogen Oxide cool for faster pace of reaction.

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