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LG launches new product ranges for India

Posted on May 14 2014 | IBNS

New Delhi, May 13 : Multinational electronics company LG recently launched the microwave oven with 'Charcoal Lighting Heater' apt for the diverse Indian cooking.

The microwave oven is equipped with a pull down door, traditionally simplified with delightful user interface depicting the recipe names and power information.

This product has been developed by LG especially for the Indian market, based on its 'India Insight Program' that brings forth the specific requirements of Indian consumers.

The microwave provides 301 Auto Cook menus including newer options like an Indian bread vasket and healthy fry that makes food tastier, healthier, and natural even cooking in shorter span of time.

This Microwave allows making Indian breads and tandoori dishes easily along with delicious outdoor grilled food without smoke, and food that is hygienic and healthy.

Some of its features include steam Chef accessory that helps generate steam to cook food such as Momos, Sprouts and steam fish to name a few.

Its motorised rotisserie, that rotates horizontally, ensures uniform browning of tikkas from all sides.

The microwave has a special feature to pasteurize milk that boils without any spill-overs hence, making boiling and storage simple, convenient and easier than ever before.

Moreover, LG also launched 'Power cut Evercool' refrigerator range.

Designed under the umbrella of Indian Insight, it ensures cooling up to seven hours in refrigerator portion and ten hours in the freezer portion even after long power cuts.

With the Phase Change Material (PCM) present in the freezer section as the cooling retention source, the refrigerant flows from PCM to evaporator plates and cools it, maintaining the desired temperature for seven hours in the refrigerator section.

To efficiently preserve the raw fruits and vegetables, the refrigerant starts circulating in order to maintain the optimum temperature in refrigerator section during power cuts.

The refrigerator also provides frozen delights at a touch of button with its unique super chill feature.

The Organised Space Management provides different sections for storing different items like convertible box; pull out tray, spice box, beauty and care box, ever fresh zone etc for hustle free usage.

Also, as a goal to ensure consumer centric support, LG recently came up with the Terminator series of Air Conditioners with added features like Himalaya Cooling and Monsoon comfort along with 'Mosquito Away' technology based upon Indian insights, health conditions and local climactic patterns.

Designed specifically for the Indian market, the Inverter V AC's powered with mosquito away technology offers an effective, non-toxic way of repelling mosquitoes.

The new range also delivers fast and powerful cooling, along with a new system that balances temperature and humidity levels, to maintain the perfect indoor atmosphere.

With powerful cooling compressor, the AC also caters to the climatic conditions of India, such as, the oppressive Indian summers, stifling heat and excessive humidity in the monsoons.

The 'Mosquito Away' technology is designed especially to assist consumers in dealing with local weather conditions and the increased emergence of mosquitoes due to the same.

Additionally, the ACs have an advanced double filtration system, the 'Micro Protection System' that keeps indoor air clean and healthy by generating strong electrostatic power that captures microscopic substances in the air, including pollen and fine particles, that may cause respiratory ailments.

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