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Alcohol does make you hunt for pretty faces!

Posted on May 13 2014 | IANS

London, May 13 : 'Beer Goggle' is real. People become more attracted to the opposite sex after a few drinks and even a small amount of alcohol can shift your attention to gorgeous ladies.

According to researchers from University of Bristol, attractiveness ratings were higher for participants in the alcohol group compared to the placebo group.

To prove their point, they asked volunteers to look at photos of men, women and landscapes before and after drinking.

They conducted lab tests to gauge whether drink changed people's perceptions of what is attractive.

The results confirmed the 'Beer Goggle' hypothesis, suggesting that the effect is less to do with the level of attractiveness and more to do with a lack of restraint and decision-making skills.

Now the team is extending the research into pubs.

"If alcohol does change perceptions of attractiveness then that could be a factor in the kind of risky behaviour you see when people are drunk, such as unprotected sex," study author Olivia Maynard from University of Bristol was quoted as saying in media reports.

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