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Watching porn may lead to divorce: Study

Posted on May 11 2014 | IANS

New York, May 11 : Watching porn may be detrimental for your married life as this leads to people accepting extra-marital affairs as a "normal and rewarding" thing - leading to divorce.

According to a study, the more a person watches porn, the more likely he/she is in a state of accepting extra-marital affairs.

"If pornography consumption leads to more positive extra-marital sex attitudes as the results suggest, porn may be a contributing factor in some divorces via extra-marital sex behaviour," the researchers emphasised.

To prove their point, researchers used data from 551 married adults collected by the General Social Survey in the US.

Participants were asked questions like, "Have you seen an X-rated movie in the last year?" and "What is your opinion about a married person having sexual relations with someone other than the marriage partner?"

"Porn consumption was associated with more positive subsequent extra-marital sex attitudes," the researchers were quoted as saying in a Huffington Post report.

The study appeared in the journal Psychology of Popular Media Culture.

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