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Ashton Kutcher takes Russian lessons

Posted on May 10 2014 | IANS

Los Angeles, May 10 : Actor Ashton Kutcher is learning Russian as he wants his first child with actress Mila Kunis to be bilingual.

After months of hiding her pregnancy, the "Black Swan" actress opened up about her unborn child in an interview on a US talk show, revealing she and fiancee Kutcher have already planned the birthing process and picked a name for their child.

She also confessed the couple wants the child to speak both Russian and English, in honour of Kunis' mother tongue, reports

The actress, who was born in Ukraine before moving to the US aged seven, tells host Ellen DeGeneres, "He's been taking classes for probably like six months now. He does it twice a week, a woman comes to the house and gives him lessons."

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