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Had I been in place of Congress, would have sent Modi to jail: Mamata

Posted on May 09 2014 | IBNS

Berhampore, WB, May 9 : West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Friday said the Congress party has no guts and if she had been in power at the Centre, she would have sent Bharatiya Janata Party's PM nominee Narendra Modi to jail.

"They (Congress) have no guts. Had I been in Delhi in place of Congress, I would have tied a rope around Modi's waist and would have him locked in jail, " Banerjee said while addressing a rally in Berhampore in West Bengal.

She said the BJP and Congress survive based on understanding between each other.

"They survive through understanding and play got-up matches and indulge in match-fixing. We don't believe in such kind of politics, " the Trinamool Congress (TMC) chief said.

Stating that an impression was being created that Modi had already become the PM of the country, she said, "Even before the birth of the child, the date of marriage is fixed and also who will be his bride and bridegroom."

"Those will have feast and they will send you out of the country after May 16. But the people of Bengal will drive out Modi with the vote box after May 16," Banerjee said.

"I am in charge of the Ma, Mati Manush people's government in Bengal. Even after becoming PM no one has the right of making any law without the state government consent. It is a law and order subject, it is not your (addressing Modi) subject," she said.

After creating a political controversy with her 'donkey' remark, Banerjee earlier called Modi a 'riot man'.

Addressing a public meet in Kolkata on Friday, Banerjee said: "Modi ia a 'danga babu' (riot man). We have not forgotten that it was he who instigated the communal riots in Gujarat in 2002."

The Trinamool Congress supremo said Modi will 'sell' his political chair once he becomes the PM of the country.

"The elections are still on and he (Modi) is already declaring himself as the next PM. What kind of mentality is this? However, if he manages to become the PM by fluke, he will even sell his political chair," said Banerjee.

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